The Taggiasca Olive is typical of western Liguria and in particular of the whole province of Imperia. Once upon a time, the monks of San Colombano, coming from the Lerino Abbey, in the south of France, brung that particular cultivar in Taggia. Since then, the Taggiasca became widespread in Italy, but the one from Imperia was always qualitatively superior, due to climate and terrain. Despite the small dimensions of the fruit, this variety is one of the most renowned for extra virgin olive oil production and table olives, for its particular scents but an overall delicate taste.

Carlo Siffredi takes care of thousands of precious olive trees, widespread on the Riviera dei Fiori territory: from Lucinasco – where the company has its roots – to Poggi, Imperia, Dolcedo, Prelà, Vasia and Pontedassio. The company is committed to the recovery of ancients olive groves, wich were abandoned due to the impervious and wild nature, but keepers of a even purer fruit.

Carlo Siffredi

The Recovery of Ancient and Abandoned Olive Groves

The Taggiasca Olive

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