Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP
Riviera Ligure — Riviera dei Fiori


Monocultivar Taggiasca

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A precious oil, that embodies
a secular tradition

In Lucinasco, in the province of Imperia,
in the heart of the western Liguria famous for
the Taggiasca Olive and the silvery green hills
that degrade over the sea, in a territory always
bound to the cultivation of the olive trees,
Carlo Siffredi produces a very precious olive oil that boasts the DOP award: protected designation of origin. It is an olive oil obtained from taggiasca olive groves. It is a very valuable and precious oil,
yellow in color with shades of green, with very peculiar organoleptic qualities: a fruity scent and taste, with hints of almond and pine nuts.
Its acidity is always under the 0,5%.

Heir of secular traditions of Taggiasca Olive farming and harvested olives processing, Carlo Siffredi continues his family precious work from 25 years. His work consists of expanding the olive groves surface by the recovery of ancient terrain in the valley of Lucinasco, of Impero and Prino and the refinement of the glorious techniques to obtain the best olive oil.
To the consumer, Carlo Siffredi offers a DOP olive oil derived only from local olives harvested in his lands, declaring the origin and the quality of his raw material. Every step of the productive process is tracked down: from the olive grove to the packaging.

The DOP Ligurian Riviera Olive Oil by Carlo Siffredi, before its bottling, passes the screen of expert tasters and only when it corresponds to the rigid standards of production specification obtains the DOP certification. Only at this point the bottle can be marked with the peculiar numbered collar.

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